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Photo Gallery: Publicity Shots for
Fiddler On The Roof

July 13-22, 2012, at Woodminster


Preview July 12, 8 p.m.
Performances July 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22
All performances begin at 8 p.m.
TICKETS 510-531-9597

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*indicates membership in Actors Equity Association

Fiddler on the Roof

Directed by Joel Schlader
Choreographed by Jody Jaron
Music Direction by Richard Vetterli
Vocal Direction by Trente Morant
Set by Gary Barten
Lights by Michael Barney
Costume coordination & Props by Christina Weiland

Book by  Joseph Stein
Music by  Jerry Bock
Lyrics by  Sheldon Harnick

Based on Sholem Aleichem's stories
by special permission of Arnold Perl
Produced on the New York Stage by Harold Prince
Original New York Stage Production
Directed and Choreographed
by Jerome Robbins

Fiddler on the Roof is produced by arrangement
with Music Theatre International




Tevye talking to God
Bruce Winant* as Tevye

The Mamas
Mamas singing L to R: Nancy Madden*(Yente), Elisabeth Harrington, Joy Breed, Deborah Del Mastro*(Golde), Carolyn Gregory, Ginnie Menezes, Jeffrie Givens

Golde and Yente
Golde (Deborah Del Mastro*) listens to Yente (Nancy Madden*) talk about marriage.

Perchik and Tevye
Tyler Costin as Perchik meets Bruce Winant* as Tevye

Tevye and Lazar Wolfe
Tevye (Bruce Winant*) celebrates with Lazar Wolfe (Jim Coniglio). In the background, Mordcha, the Innkeeper (Sebastian Romeo)

The celebration at the Inn culminates in a dance number performed by the Jewish villagers and the Russian soldiers.

Perchik with Tevye
Tyler Costin as Perchik with Bruce Winant* as Tevye

Motel & Tzeitel's wedding
Motel (Jonathan King) and Tzeitel (Juliet Eichberg) have a traditional wedding under a canopy. The rabbi (Jim Despeaux), right, officiates, while his son Mendel (Oscar Tsukayama) assists with the tray.

Bottle dancers
The traditional bottle dance is performed for the guests.

The Russian soldiers break up the wedding party
The Russian soldiers, acting on orders, cause a "disturbance" at the wedding.

Golde and Tevye
Deborah Del Mastro* as Golde with Bruce Winant* as Tevye

Rabbi blessing the sewing machine
The rabbi (Jim Despeaux) blesses Motel's new sewing machine. Behind him (faces showing) are Avram (John Rinaldi), Fiddler (Spencer Dean), Tzeitel (Juliet Eichberg), Motel (Jonathan King), and Golde (Deborah Del Mastro*)

The rabbi and his son
The rabbi (Jim Despeaux) and his son, Mendel (Oscar Tsukayama)

curtain call
Curtain call: Oscar Tsukayama

The company of Fiddler on the Roof
The show starts with the rousing "Tradition." Notice Bruce Winant* as Tevye at the lower left and Spencer Dean, top, as the Fiddler on the Roof.

The sons
Sons singing L to R: Rod Voltaire Edora*, Michael Chiaverini, Coleton Schmitto, Oscar Tsukayama, Andrew Moorhead, Todd Schlader. In back, daughters dancing L to R: Amelia Hart, Joci Kelleher, Kelty Morash, Lina Goggins-Rendón, Sophia DeLucci, Jana Chism.

Chava and Hodel
Chava (Jillian Jameson) and Hodel (Katie Babb*) sing "Matchmaker."

Motel and Tzetel
Jonathan King as Motel hears the news from Juliet Eichberg as Tzeitel

Tevye dances with a Russian soldier
Tevye (Bruce Winant*) dances with a Russian soldier (Todd Schlader). In the background, other solders look on, played by Mark Wiesner and James Zimmerman.

Perchik and Hodel
Perchik (Tyler Costin) and Hodel (Katie Babb*)

Motel sings "Wonder of Wonders"
Jonathan King as Motel sings "Wonder of Wonders"

Wedding celebration
The celebration after the wedding.

Bottle dancers finale
Bottle dancers, L to R, Andrew Moorhead, Michael Chiaverini, Oscar Tsukayama, Todd Schlader, Coleton Schmitto, Rod Voltaire Edora*

Perchik sings "Now I Have Everything"
Perchik (Tyler Costin) sings "Now I Have Everything"

Hodel and Tevye wait at the train station
Hodel (Katie Babb*) and Tevye (Bruce Winant*) at the train station.

The edict
The constable (Jesse Caldwell*) tells Tevye (Bruce Winant*) that the Jews must leave Anatevka, and Tevye responds angrily.

Perchik, Chava, Tevye, and Tzeitel
Farewells. L to R, Fyedka (Andrew Moorhead), Chava (Jillian Jameson), Tevye (Bruce Winant*), Tzeitel (Juliet Eichberg)

curtain call
Curtain call: Rod Voltaire Edora*

The Papas
Papas dancing L to R: Joe Roebuck, Ted Martin, Bruce Conant*, Jim Coniglio, Sebastian Romeo, John Rinaldi, Ron Chism, with the company in the background.

The company of Fiddler on the Roof
The company sings "Tradition."

Tzeitel and Hodel
Juliet Eichberg as Tzeitel teases Katie Babb* as Hodel

Tevye's family celebrates the Sabbath
Tevye's family celebrates the Sabbath with guests, L to R, Jonathan King as Motel the Tailor, Bruce Winant* as Tevye, Deborah Del Mastro* as Golde, Juliet Eichberg as Tzeitel, Katie Babb* as Hodel, Jillian Jameson as Chava, Lina Goggins-Rendón as Shprintze, Sophia Delucchi as Bielke, and Tyler Costin as Perchik.

Sunrise, Sunset staging
The company performs "Sabbath Prayer"

Hodel and Perchik dance
Hodel (Katie Babb*) and Perchik (Tyler Costin)

Tevye's nightmare
Lazar Wolfe's dead wife, Fruma Sara (Elisabeth Harrington), visits Tevye and Golde in a comic dream sequence.

Golde with Tevye after he describes his dream
Golde (Deborah Del Mastro*) and Tevye (Bruce Winant*) after Tevye describes his dream

men and women dancing together for the first time in Anatevka
In a break with tradition, men and women dance together at this wedding. Front couple: Motel (Jonathan King) and Tzeitel (Juliet Eichberg). Middle couple: Tevye (Bruce Winant*) and Golde (Deborah Del Mastro*). Back couple: Perchik (Tyler Costin) with Hodel (Katie Babb*)

Tevye is faced with another break with tradition'
Bruce Winant* as Tevye before giving his blessing to Perchik and Hodel's marriage (Tyler Costin, Katie Babb*)

Hodel (Katie Babb*) sings "Far From The Home I Love"

Hodel (Katie Babb*) sings "Far From The Home I Love"

curtain call
Curtain call: Coleton Schmitto

curtain call
Curtain call: Lina Goggins-Rendón with Sophia Delucchi

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